Esci 302

Ecological Braiding

The idea of ecological literacy to me is all about learning about the environment around us. Not just that, but it is wanting to learn about the environment and seeing it from different perspectives. What I want to accomplish with this post is to show multiple perspectives on the environment. These perspectives are described in poetry or love letter form. I chose to specifically look at Brooklyn’s love letter called Love Letter to Mother Nature and Jade’s poem called Eco literacy Poem. I will also include a portion of The Lorax to help further distinguish the eco-literacy braid.

My love letter to the environment anthropomorphizes the Earth as my polyamorous significant other. It describes that at that moment in time the Earth is reacting angerly to something the humans have done. I also bring up the good days in the relationship with the Earth. This relates to Brooklyn’s poem. She goes through instances in nature that she enjoys. She also anthropomorphizes the Earth. An example being when Brooklyn talks about how the Earth smiles and warms her heart. She writes, “when you smile, it truly warms me to my core.” A difference between our writings includes the use of negatives and positives. My perspective showcases the negatives being produced because of the Earth being hurt. Brooklyn writes about the majesty of the Earth with little discussion of the chaos that is ensuing. It seems like Brooklyn’s understanding of eco-literacy is of looking at the experiences we have been a part of.

Jade’s poem, like Brooklyn’s, describes the experiences we should appreciate while in nature. I write my letter in a present-day view while looking at the past. Jade discusses things we should do in the future. Both Brooklyn and Jade believe eco-literacy to be made from the experiences. This is evident at the beginning of Jade’s letter. She writes, “What does it mean to me to be an ecoliterate person? To me it is being apart of and engaging with the environment around you.” These different perspectives, working with my perspective, help braid an understanding of eco-literacy creating waves and depths.

A book we have read in class that relates well to my letter is The Lorax. Dr. Seuss writes of a rock near the Once-ler’s home that says unless. Around the home and rock is a land of despair. But the meaning of the word on the rock gives hope for a once lush land. The Once-ler realizes the meaning of the word by saying, “UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.” I liken it to my letter. Throughout the letter I discuss how I want to change things. I even write to the Earth in my letter, “I want to make this work.” It is all about effort. Even Brooklyn’s and Jade’s writings elude to the fact that people need to care about the environment. To enjoy the experiences in nature one must care enough to try to be a part of them. Eco-literacy is developed by people who care to know about the ecological. When you care you engage in experiences. And if you care you will be able to make changes.

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