Esci 302

Eco Literacy Love Letter

Dear Earth,

Somehow, we humans have caused some strain in our longstanding relationship. Our love has become one sided. Humans have become dominant and you, my love, have been overlooked. You’ve become a mirage to our lives. Just like a pot of boiling water pressure begins to build until there is no room left. What comes next is an explosion. I can see this happening in front of my eyes with you. The positive is that I caught it, but is it too late? Have you blown the pot lid off?

Hind sight is twenty-twenty. Is there something I could have done to avoid this situation of strain? I am learning to read your signs. I am looking at our past to the times when we were happy. Our tumultuous history. Listening to the professionals give their opinions on how we must fix this void I have created gives hope to the cause.

I have been thinking of ways to fix things. I know you don’t appreciate cheap things that accumulate exponentially. I promise to spoil you with things you will like. I know you like trees, and clean oceans/skies. Would that make things better? I know it is only a start, but there is an effort there. I want to make this work. We need to make this work. We were meant to be together.


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