Esci 302

CJ1: Environmental Diversity

Three summers ago I was hired as a Park Interpreter for Sask Parks. This job meant I was in charge of creating programs for campers that put them in the nature around them. This job made me closer to nature than I had ever been before. It was the inspiration for my creative journal.
All of the pictures in the collage are organisms that can be found in Saskatchewan. I have found all of the organisms as an interpreter. The overall shape of the collage is supposed to look like Saskatchewan. The pictures are arranged from predator to prey. Each of the choices I made related back to the theme of diversity. Without diversity, the environment around us would fall. There would be no prey and predators working together in ecological harmony. When I think about environment the diversity creates the beauty that I tried to relay to campers.
In David Orr’s article (
(2004), What is Education for? In Earth in Mind, pp. 7-15. Washington DC: First Island Press.) he discusses that we need to know more about helping the planet than being ignorant of these issues. This also relates to Robin Wall Kimmerer’s novel ((2013). The Sound of Silverbells, in Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge & the Teachings of Plants, pp. 216-222.) elaborating that we must learn more than just humans. By being a park interpreter I immersed campers into nature to spark the need to maintain the diversity of the environment. Without programs like an interpretation perople may still be ignorant and make s’mores instead of hiking.

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